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Millennial Buzz – July 1, 2016

As the Fourth of July looms near us…apparently this week Millennial news trends are focused on our political values, how our opinions are re-shaping perspectives, how much we are actually relying on credit cards to actually get by (which is not a positive thing at all), how the economy/witnessed experiences of previous generations are shaping how we live, and how millennials are investing (those that can afford to at least).

What it ultimately boils down to is politics and money. Is that surprising? Not really. Enjoy your Fourth of July this weekend, make memories, and catch up on some Millennial Buzz.

  1. New Report: Millennials’ Political Behavior Will Surprise You-Forbes
  2. Millennials. They’re Kind of A Big Deal-The Huffington Post
  3. Millennials Are Big Credit Card Users After All-Forbes
  4. Millennials: Are We There Yet? (Part 2 Of 2)-Forbes
  5. Millennials Are Pretty Cocky About Their Investing Skills-Bloomberg

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